The Doctor is in


My Heart Will Trust
Hillsongs Australia

While I was reading the blogs I wrote back at 2008-2009 a while ago on my discernment for Med School, I saw this music. Then I just remembered, it was the music I played over and over again while I was on my last phases of deciding and even after victoriously sealing that choice. It was really a matter of letting my heart trust in the Lord. Coincidentally, it was also the theme of the CFC FFL Community back at 2009 which taught me to fully trust in Him more than ever; making that discernment process really personal.

Now, 2011, it’s still a matter of trusting in Him. Having passed several forks in the road and hurdles that slowed me in my way, His message is still the same - just trust in Him for everything will be alright. Serving Him as a Mission Volunteer while doing Med School and balancing time for other matters was definitely hard; but then again, His message remains - trust in Him. He knows greater than you are. He’ll be with you till the end. Just let go and let God :-)